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Testimonials and Successes

EFT success #1:

I spent 45 minutes one morning tapping on sugar cravings. That night, I planned to bake cookies for a school event - and I couldn't do it. I just couldn't stand the thought of cookies! I took vegetables instead.

EFT success #2:

I have been tapping with my son every day for about two weeks, usually just to help him get to sleep. It helps with that. But there have been other changes. On Friday afternoon, we used M&Ms as math counters. Six days later, the M&Ms are still sitting here on a plate. He hasn't eaten them.

EFT success #3:

Once I was using EFT several times per day, I found myself having these two thoughts repeatedly: "Everything is getting easier!" and "I just feel so healthy!".

EFT success #4:

The week I started doing EFT in earnest, I forgot to buy groceries. I just didn't think about food.

EFT success #5:

In the first few weeks that I was using EFT regularly, I found I had stopped drinking coffee. I used to drink four strong cups per day, and it was an addiction.

EFT success #6

A depressed woman treated with EFT reported, "I am seeing colors again."

EFT success #7:

In EFT we often have the client rate their suffering on a 10-point scale. In a 40-minute emergency phone appointment, a woman's feelings of depression were cut in half, from a 10 to a 5. It gave her hope to realize she could use this tool whenever she got upset.

EFT success #8:

I gave up coffee and chocolate, doctor's orders. No problem, thanks to EFT.

EFT success #9:

A woman was in pain, which she rated as a 7 out of 10. She had fallen a few days before. We did 30 minutes of EFT and her pain was almost gone, rated as a 1.